Apache nifi FAQ

How do you pronounce NiFi?

“nye fye” (nī fī) is the preferred pronunciation.

Why is no one replying to my mailing list question?

The community makes every effort to respond to all mailing list questions. While there are contributors across the world, some timezones are more active than others, so you should allow at least 24 hours (longer on weekends) to get a response. In addition, make sure you are subscribed to the mailing list you’re contacting, as replies go back to the list. If you do not subscribe, it can appear as if no one is answering, when in fact there has been a response. Additional Apache mailing lists are also available.

Where can I find a more detailed and up to date FAQ?

Apache NiFi Wiki FAQ

Where can I find documentation on how to understand and configure NiFi?

Documentation is available under the NiFi Docs link within the Documentation menu.

The Developer Guide is also available under the Development menu.

View the Apache NiFi Wiki for additional information related to the project as well as how to contribute.